Montana Shirt - Armalith - worlds strongest motorcycle Denim 4 sec. anti abrasion

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The original, the first shirt on the market with full Armalith aramid anti-abrasion layer and microfibre lining layer for breathability.
Stronger and thinner than Kevlar. 
Imagine the perfect day when would You want to ride
- the sunny day, some nice curves, good bike, just ride.

For the these days we have designed our Armalith worlds strongest motorcycle Denim anti-abrassion lined and microfibre lining layered for breathability

Jacket/shirt made to look good on and off the motorcycle.

Hand made by riders for riders.

It lets the ventilation through but it keeps You safe with pockets for protection pads and a full coverage of Armaliths worlds strongest motorcycle Denim anti-abrassion fabric.

Tested on and off roads from Sahara to Himalayas

Material Content:

  • Outer shell protection layer/shell composition::
    100% Armalith worlds strongest motorcycle Denim  with 3% Lycra 4 seconds anti abrasion resistance

  • Lining composition:  breathable microfibre
    98% Microfibre  /2% Lycra


  • protection layer/shell composition Outer shell protection layer/shell composition Armalith worlds strongest motorcycle Denim 6 sec. anti abrasion

  • Pockets for CE protectors 
    shoulders, and elbows 
    Furyagin D3O protectors
    Knox 55 and 56 CE protectors

  • Fits CE back protectors – level 1 or level 2
    Icon Cobra D3O back protector
    SasTec Level 2 CE protector

  • big asymetric front pocket for gogles, gloves etc.

  • smartphone pocket hidden inside the big one

  • 1 inner zipper pockets

  • 2 small breast pockets

  • 1 side pocket

  • Reinforced hanger